The Hypersurface Calendar is an app for desktops, laptops, and iPads, that represents the year using the hypersurface method of diagramming time. Each day is represented by a circle. Today is shown as an enlarged circle with a dashed line through it, representing the plane of the present. The days closest to today show their dates and are clearer, but as the days move further from today, they fade out, just like our memories and perceptions of those days.

At the end of each today, the user is asked to input a short memory from that day and rank the day’s length on a scale of “flew by” to “forever.” Ranking the perceived length of the day color codes each day in the past so the user can look back at the year and see patterns. Clusters of red days could be due to boring work or long hours. Clusters of green days could be cause by a vacation. Future days are empty because they do not have memories or perceived times attached to them yet.

The user can click on past and future days. When clicking on a past day, the user sees the date and the memory attached to that date. When clicking on a future day, depending on how close the day is to today, it is represented by either the date (if in the next week or so) or by a question mark. The user can then choose to send a message to the future date, not knowing when they will receive it. On that date, the message will appear.

This calendar changes how we look at dates and how we relate to the past, present, and future.

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