In the summer of 2013 I interned as a Visual UX Designer at Proteus Digital Health in Redwood City, CA. It was an exciting and busy summer, working with a small team of talented designers and researchers, surrounded by brilliant engineers. Over the course of eight weeks I focused on three main projects while exploring all facets of interaction design.

Helius Onboarding Video

My first project entailed simplifying a process, writing a script, staging/directing/photographing scenes, designing informative screens, and editing a video that trained medical professionals how to onboard a patient with a complex product.

App Flows & Animations

For my second project I worked with another UX designer to improve and simplify the flow of an app used to guide a patient through replacing and activating the product. I illustrated and animated instructional material for the app based on user research and usability testing.

Clinic Manager App Flow

My final project was to simplify a complicated process for medical professionals by creating the flow for an app. Unfortunately my internship ended before I could see the project through.